steelwin (steelwin) wrote in uw,

Another Spanish complaint

I'm sorry if this post is overly-specialized...

So on this page, at the beginning of the 400-level requirements for the Spanish major, it says that the only prerequisites for 400-409 are 323 and 303. Elena (the advisor,) has locked everyone out of these classes by putting an add code on the two classes from this category they're offering next quarter and requiring that people who want to enroll meet with her to get the add code and sign up.

I Have both listed prerequisites, but when I met with her she said I couldn't take the class until I *finished* the 300-level electives. She still didn't let me in after I argued with her and pointed her to the policy on the web. I have two friends to whom this has also happened and I think it's extremely unfair. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm thinking of taking this higher up because I'm generally frustrated with the Spanish department, but I need to know for sure that what is stated on the web takes precedents over what advisors say with respect to things like this. Does anyone know where I can find this general information?

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