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Just a general announcement for anyone looking for good/better employment--

Catalyst are hiring workshop teachers for next quarter. It's all on-campus, you get to set most of your own schedule, there's not a lot of technical skills required (basic knowledge, of course, but you'll learn everything you have to teach if you don't know it already), and the pay is above minimum wage. There is some grunt work (e.g. cleaning classrooms for 3 hours every week and working behind the help desk for a few hours), but you can pretty much guarantee 19.5 hours/week (the UW-designated max) if you're willing to work that many.

We're currently looking for somebody to fill the OS/Networking teaching position (current instructor is a graduating senior) and somebody for the Office, etc. workshops.

If interested, go here and apply. The management is great, and the team are fun to work with. I just got hired last week and already love it.

sorry for this, but I wish I'd known about it sooner. just trying to pass the information along.

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