Area Man (jonah) wrote in uw,
Area Man

"Most Dangerous" Prof

I know most universities are filled with professors with liberal political viewpoints, but isn't it outrageous how the conservative right acts as if this is a horrible, downfall-of-America epidemic that needs to be fixed?

Case in point: Peace class lands UW prof on list of "most dangerous"

"We all know that left-wing radicals from the 1960s have hung around academia and hired people like themselves. But if you thought they were all harmless, antiquated hippies, you'd be wrong." Buy this book now, I know you want to! =P

The most important skill college teaches is critical thinking... why do conservatives see college students as blank slates being brainwashed with evil values and ideas by acamedia? As if these 4-5 years are going to mold our beliefs for the rest of our life, from people we aren't even close to. It's ridiculous.

Anyhow, I had David Barash for PSYCH 480 (Ideas of Human Nature), and I feel privileged for having a class by one of the most dangerous liberal professors in America, hahahahah.

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