a_quick_one (a_quick_one) wrote in uw,

So I've got a problem. I'm in England right now, studying abroad, and I'm coming back for spring quarter. I have no place to live when I arrive. I applied for Steven's Court but haven't heard anything and don't know what to do. I checked into the dorms, but they said it was most likely I'd just get a triple and there is NO WAY I'm doing that my last quarter of my senior year. I don't know what to do... I lived in a place I found on Craig's List last year, but I can't really move into anywhere without going to see it, and I won't be in Seattle till March 25th, the Saturday before classes start (and I live in New Jersey, so I can't really commute). My friends are mostly graduated and don't live in the U-District anymore, and I feel bad asking to couch surf because... what if nothing comes up? Anyone have any suggestions? Or anyone looking for roommates... I'd sort of feel more comfortable moving into a place with someone from this community than Craig's List. I'm 21, a girl, reletively clean and quiet, I do like to go out and party at times but not every night, non-smoker, etc. Just need a place until mid-June. Starting to freak about it.

Any suggestions?

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