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Dropping Classes

Hey guys -

I already checked the memories, and I didn't have any luck, as I remembered from awhile back that something related to this was briefly mentioned - although I think it was in a comment not an actual post.

Anyways, to make a long story short. I have a friend (whose liverjournal-less so I'm posting for her) who really needs to drop a class. The deadline to drop classes was February 20th, which also happened to fall on a holiday in which the office wasn't even open. She checked with the registration office and they told her the only way at this point was to either fill out the two petition forms - one that basically says UW fucked up, or a "hardship form." Now, if I remember correctly, I remember people mentioning how they filled out hardship forms and it was pretty easy to drop classes. However, this is my question - is there something else that people were talking about? Because the way the registration office made it sound was that it's near impossible. She either needs a 1) death certificate for someone passing away 2) a work schedule documented or 3) or a doctor's note.

She was, however, very sick over the summer and into this year. Had surgery and everything, could get a note from the surgeon. Is this sufficient for those of you who have dropped classes via this way? Are there other options? I guess bottomline, UW makes it sound like you have to have one foot in the grave (or someone else's) to drop a class.

Thanks for any input.

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