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As my Spanish teacher “se emocionaba” (worked himself into a frenzy), trying to incite a class discussion about his carefully selected reading for the day, I casually picked up my copy of The Daily and commenced reading the front page—after giving up on today’s crossword puzzle. The first article I saw, and the only one I’ve really read today, put me in such a state that I felt it necessary to respond to the most anti-student propaganda I’ve yet seen in our humble paper.

Buses vs. pedestrians… who’s at fault? Well, obviously the students will lose in a one-on-one fight with a bus, just by sheer mass. But the question of who is at fault, or better yet, more at fault, is still open to question. I understand there are those bad apples who cross not through the crosswalks, not looking, trusting to luck that they won’t be struck down by the hand of “Bob,” but others of us are more careful of the laws, usually only cross at the crosswalks unless checking both ways twice before crossing.

I’ve felt my life was endangered MANY times during the past 5 months we’ve been in school, I cross at the crosswalk, and being a pedestrian, I have the right of way… right? Nope, these busses bear down on me, not stopping, not even pretending to touch their breaks, and I have to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. Now, any of you who know me will realize it’s IMPOSSIBLE to not see me. I’m 6’4”, 300 pounds, and have a stock of red hair that is visible across Red Square. If these bus drivers don’t see me, they need to get their eyes checked.

Now, besides this blatant disregard for crosswalk rights, these busses also have another thing they ignore: red lights. I’ve seen a bus a block up speed up to go through a light that was already red a block further down… really… and those who are attempting to cross while the little blue (green?) man is smiling away throw themselves out of the path of this falling titian. IF THE LIGHT IS RED, STOP! Thanks. If you spend an hour on the Ave, I promise you that you’ll see at least one bus run a red light. I sit in the cafes and watch these law-breakers get away with attempted murder (which is only a slight exaggeration). I see more of these renegade busses than I see cars who try to (and usually do) make it through a yellow light. As a quick side note, I also love those busses that stop already through the crosswalk, so the only way around them is to dodge cars in the intersection.

Now, I know that students are to blame for some of the issues we have today with cars. Skateboarders are crazy, and since I have one for a roommate, I both have respect and disgust for them—they’re almost as crazy as bikers. But the BUSSES are to blame too. It’s my crosswalk, so bite me, I’m taking my right of way, either you’re going to stop… or I’m going to sue you and become rich. If you don’t see me, get glasses, or take your head out of… you get the picture.

Bus drivers, beware the red-head who will cross in front of you (legally).

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