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Transfer Admissions

Hey, you guys. Two days ago was, of course, the deadline for transfer applications. Are there any other prospective transfer students in this community? I'm really interested in attending the school, and I'm looking for some reassurance about my chances of getting in. Unfortunately, all that anyone ever wants to talk about in most college forums is admission to ivy league schools and every time I search for the University of Washington, Washington University in Indiana pops up. Isn't that shitty?

If there are any transfer applicants who are sharing my disdain, by all means talk with me, people. Also, if you have any idea when UW sends out transfer acceptances, the information would be welcome. We'll hear back from UW before we'll hear from other transfer schools, yes?

If anyone's interested to know, my name is Jake and I'm a musical theatre major transferring from the Boston Conservatory, an extremely small school in every sense of the word. I hope to study something a little more academic and to live in Seattle, one of my favorite cities I've visited. I'm originally from Boston, so a change of scenery would be nice.

I work at Starbucks as well, so I'll be transferring that job when I move to Seattle. I'll hopefully live in an apartment and eventually pay in-state tuition. We'll see if everything works out. :-P

Anyway, my screenname is Jakeyboy555, so if anyone would like to talk, grab me there, by all means.

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