The Dinosaur of Censorship (default_hell) wrote in uw,
The Dinosaur of Censorship

Uh. Hi.

Normally I avoid this community like the plague, but I lost my wallet this afternoon.

I got on the 65 at the stop across from Meany at around 2.00. I still had my wallet at this point. I got off the bus at the stop in front of Padelford, and walked over to the Art building. My class started at 2.30 so I was sitting in the hallway outside, waiting for the previous class to finish. I discovered I didn't have my wallet sometime between 2.30 and 3.30, while my professor was talking, when I realised my pockets were empty.

So. On the off chance that someone here was on the 65 bus, on campus, around 2.00, or in the hallway around room 322 in the Art building sometime between 2-4, and found a wallet? Mine's plain black leather, about 3x4 inches, pretty thin, duct tape around two of the edges. It contained, as best I remember: my Husky card/U-pass; a really old Seattle Public Library card; a somewhat newer King County Library card; a Utrecht card; a business card from that other art supply store down near Roosevelt and 50th whose name I never remember; a handful of old receipts and library checkout lists and miscellaneous paper scraps; possibly a card that my friend made for me that says something like "Certified Horrible Human Being" so that I could call myself a card-carrying horrible human being, and another red and white card that has my cellphone info on it (I don't remember if I took these out); four or five dollars and some change; and absolutely no credit, debit, or Social Security cards or official ID or anything else that would make you significantly richer.

I'm pretty fond of this wallet. Honestly, all the stuff in it is irrelevant/replaceable-- I'd miss my Horrible Human Being card, and the ugly, ancient red-faded-to-orangeish SPL card is something of a geek badge of honor for me, and getting around is gonna be a bit of a hassle for a few days. But I can deal with that. I'd hate to have to go and get a new wallet, though. I liked that one. It was old and cheap and falling apart, but it was thin enough and worn into a comfortable curve that fit in the pockets of all of my pants. Actually, I'm attached to it all out of proportion to its strict monetary worth, as is too often the case with material possessions. So if you found it-- go ahead and keep the cash, you can buy yourself a cup of fancy elitist coffee; but return the rest? My email is nxz @ UW; my name's all over the stuff in there, and I'm sure you can match the initials. My cell number's probably there too, but in case it isn't, it's here: 206.250.4171 (I have class tomorrow morning from 9.30-10.30 so I'd rather you didn't call then but if you must). Use this power wisely and for good, comrades.

And for everyone who didn't find my wallet but read all that anyways, I give you: porn!

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