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transfer questions

i'm applying to transfer in fall 2006, the application isnt due for another week, but i am freaking out because they suggest that you do it months ahead of time. i've been debating whether or not i wanted to consider going to school at UW, and finally decided that i would make it one of my choices, otherwise i would've turned it in months ago. i've heard UW is very difficult to get into as a transfer, so i feel like by turning my application in so close to the deadline that blows my chances even more so. i guess what im asking is, for those who transfered, how early did you turn in your application? i feel like i dont even stand a chance turning it in this late =/

my 2nd question is, what are your opinions on the communications/journalism program at UW? some people have told me that if i wanted to major in that to go to WSU because their program is much better than what they have to offer at UW? but i just dont know if i can stand living in a town of nothing =/
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