steelwin (steelwin) wrote in uw,

Time Schedule rant and question

Does anyone else hate the time schedule right now? I know it's spring quarter and everything, but come on! Only three 300-level Spanish electives next quarter? And where did all the math classes go?

Why is Spanish 305 (or any class for that matter,) offered Tuesday Thursday and Friday? Why are there only three 300-level Spanish electives offered next quarter? I really, really, really don't want to have to take Spanish for Business majors, especially with all the cool lit classes they supposedly offer, but it's looking like that's what I'll have to do...

I've heard a rumor that if a class overlaps by a half an hour a week, you can get a form signed by both professors of the overlapping classes (if they approve,) and take them both anyway. Is this true? Has anyone done this?

Thanks, and sorry for ranting...
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