Jillian (thelandslide) wrote in uw,

i live at pacific sunrise apartments on 22nd. the girl that lives above me is the heaviest walker known to man, my picture frames vibrate on the wall as she crosses the room. and boy does she not stop walking, all night long until anywhere between 3 to 5am. so in turn, she does not allow me to sleep until then (and when you're alarm goes off at 6:30am and you had been trying to sleep since 9pm because you are so tired... it sucks). it's not like i can complain, she's not playing loud music or anything. i'm getting so desperate i've considered moving home and commuting... sleeping in my car... spending my nights in odegaard.... all despite the fact that i have another 6 months on my lease. my two midterms are going to be wonderful tomorrow when i haven't slept for 3 days all because the girl above me. please, advice anyone?
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