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Best Place to Study?

Okay, classes are over (w00t!), but finals are coming up! Now the question is: where on campus is the best place to study? (Please don't say Odegaard 'cause Odegaard SUCKS!)


How can people even study here? The only advantage is that it's open all night long. But still, you have to put up with cellphones ringing, people talking, bums sleeping/snoring on the couches, and not to mention all the vandalized desks (um, I guess I shouldn't be talking since some of that is my work, heh =P).

I have a question: DO PEOPLE NOT NOTICE THE "NO CELLPHONE" SIGNS PLASTERED ALL OVER THE BUILDING? Whenever I'm in Odegaard a cellphone will always ring, without fail. And half the time the person will answer it and try to whisper into it. THIS DOES NOT WORK, so they cover their mouth with their hands and talk in a loud raspy voice. ARGH! And it's never an emergency (don't give me that excuse)... it's always about where they are, what they're doing, a party they went to the night before, etc., etc. One of these days I swear I'm gonna get a cellphone jammer and sneak up on top of Odegaard and place it on the roof. Yeah, and too bad they don't have portable hand-held cellphone disrupters. Now that would be fun.  >:-)

And the PEOPLE! People can be so rude and immature. One time I was busy with my thoughts writing a rough draft for a paper, and the girl across from me farted! I am not joking. And then her friend started giggling, "OMG, did you just FART?! In the LIBRARY?!" They giggled some more and then she farted AGAIN! What is this, Junior High? Ugh, this is not a good studying environment! Anyhow, I'm sure all of you have Odegaard horror stories, so please do share. ;)


Closes @ 10 P.M. (M-Th and Sunday)

I love the Suzzallo/Allen library.

You want quiet and secluded? Okay, I'm gonna share some secrets: In Suzzallo (the one closest to Red Square), if you go up to the 4th floor there are a bunch of desks with comfy blue chairs along the windows. No one hardly ever goes back there. It's a great place to study, IMHO. Also, on the second floor, if you weave in and out between the bookshelves and walk to the far corner there are about six desks lined up along the window. It's usually always deserted and super quiet back there. I've sat there for hours without seeing another human face.


The HUB dining area (not the one in the Husky Den, but the room across from the Snack Bar on the main floor) is usually pretty empty at night. It's a good place if you want to study and snack at the same time, or meet people for a study group or something. And the building closes @ 11 P.M. (M-Th).

Has anyone checked out the other libraries? Like Business or Engineering?

Also, what about empty classrooms and lecture halls? My dad was telling me how he used to find an empty room to study in when he went to the UW. Does anyone know if we can still do this? I'm assuming we can if no one is using it, since it is our tuition dollars and everything.

Anyway, good luck everyone with all your finals/papers/presentations!
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