Kristin, really. (kill) wrote in uw,
Kristin, really.

Hi, all -- I'm not a UW student yet; I'm taking classes at NSCC for another year or so, but I do plan to try to transfer after that. I have been wondering about this question for a while now, and since this is a community I've actually been watching, I thought I'd ask it here. Hope you all don't mind.

As a community college student, I tend to think that university-level classes are...harder? more competitive? more intense? Not sure how exactly to word it, but it seems like the tolerance for bullshit on the part of instructors goes wayyyy down once a student gets to a four-year university. I'm frustrated with a current class because people are getting huffy about not being able to write shit down fast enough, or because they have to do research in books that are on reserve in the library instead of in the class text, or because a study guide asks us to look up words in the text's glossary and one or two of the words in the guide aren't there.

I record the classes, so I can go back and pick up anything I've missed. The prof has expressly given his permission for this, and in fact suggested it on the first day of class. I work a whole bunch in addition to taking full-time classes, and I make the time to do the extra research. I also use Google & Wikipedia & Encyclopedia Brittanica and Merriam-Webster and other sites all over the place to fill in the gaps of knowledge.

All I know is that I think the class is fascinating, if fast-paced, but others are obviously not having the same great experience I am. There is a lot of reading and research to do, but that's part of learning it all.

Am I right in thinking that these people are going to have a rude awakening when they transfer and start taking upper-division classes? That we should be doing college-level work already, being that it is a college, even if it's a community one?

Or am I being a Tracy Flick?

I'm grateful for any input, even if it is confirming my Flick-ishness.
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