Quan Minh Dau (qmdau) wrote in uw,
Quan Minh Dau

Hey guys. I'm in search of a couch/loveseat for one of my residents who just recently moved out of the Plymouth House. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Plymouth House, it is a transition home for people who have mental illness that are leaving Harborview and starting a life again. Most of the people at the house have been homeless at one time or another and are in need of items what we take for granted.

If anyone can please donate or sell a couch to us for a Christmas gift, I would be eternally grateful. Also if you have clothes you would be willing to donate it would be very helpful also. We are in need of women clothes since I've already donated the last 3 clothing lines from Banana Republic, Gap and Structure that I had in my closest at home :).

If anyone is interested in ever visiting the house for dinner or just a random visit, please feel free to email me or reply to this post. We also have an open kitchen on Fridays for people from the community to cook if anyone would be interested in that.

Thanks for you time,

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

Quan Minh Dau
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