n/a (jimraynor) wrote in uw,

MGH computers?

I've encountered a rather troubling problem on the MGH computers (hooray, more problems!). I'll be listening to an MP3 and suddenly there will be some sort of burst of static-like sounds, and everything will freeze. I mean everything--mouse frozen in place, clicking does nothing, even Control-Alt-Delete does nothing. All I can do is turn the computer off and turn it on again. It only happened twice, so I'm not sure what I'm doing to cause it (if I'm doing anything at all). I don't know if playing audio is at all connected, but that's what I was doing each time--the music got interrupted by the static bursts and eventually overwhelmed by it. (And no, it wasn't the same MP3 file each time.) Internet Explorer was also open each time (please don't hate me) and those are really the only common elements I can think of. Has this happened to anyone else, and does anyone have any idea what causes it? I've been fortunate enough for it not to happen while I was in the middle of, say, some unsaved work, but I'd rather not just wait around until that does happen. Although apparently when the computer gets unexpectedly shut down like that, anything on the desktop will still be there if you log back in. So I suppose that's something. Still, any ideas?

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