Teawithbears (teawithbears) wrote in uw,

Disregard if needle-wary

Piercing and tattoo questions have come up before on the community, so I thought I'd volunteer a little unsolicited information and give Deep Roots a plug. They're on the Ave just above 45th - same spot as Laughing Buddha used to be because they're the same folks, just under their own management now.

The owner, Rion, actually did my piercing (a very intimate one that he handled awesomely), and everyone I talked to there both before and after was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, with none of the condescension that those of us with hidden jobs often get from the more noticably enhanced. The studio is clean, bright, and gorgeously done up with several private rooms and a HUGE array of flash and jewelry on display. They definitely know what they're doing down there. It's a just really great place overall, and I highly recommend going in to have a look around if you're in the market to get something done.

Fellow metal-freaks, check it out. Deep Roots is cool.

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