see (missnarumi) wrote in uw,

looking for someone to take my lease

hi, i'm looking for someone to take over my lease from mid-february/march. details behind the cut.

the apartment is on 52nd and 21st so its near campus and right above the uvillage. its a few blocks from the ave and bus lines to downtown, and the 48 is even nearer. rent is normally $600 but i'm lowering it down to $450 for this 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment. the lease is finished at the end of june. my roommate is a female senior at UW. the apartment complex only has 4 units in the whole building and is quiet. the landlord likes to keep it that way, so it won't be condusive to throwing parties. my roommate, however, is fun and goes out and has her fun so its not a graveyard. its a big apartment with a balcony/deck if you are a smoker. it was renovated right before we moved in, so its new everything. only requests are that you are female, do not have mental problems, and are not incredibly messy or dirty. approval is also dependant if you get along with my roommate... we're great friends and i don't want to stick a psycho in here. if you are interested, or know of anyone interested, please let me know by emailing me cheryln at

thank you! happy new year!
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