<3 (concealed_) wrote in uw,

applying online

so i applied to UW last year but got waitlisted and then of course later rejected.
i want to try my luck again and transfer since i'll have my associates at the end of this year.

what i'm wondering is i sort of forgot my username and password that i made last year when i signed up to apply online, i sent in one of those request forms that will tell you your username but i got an email back saying that the email i gave them doesnt match up to the one i signed up with (which is strange because i have proof that its the right email seeing as i still have all the emails UW sent me to that same email address from last year).

i never actually submitted an online application last year, i started one but decided last minute i wanted to turn it in by mail. so am i aloud to sign up for another account for this application that i plan to turn in online or would that be completely wrong?
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