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people in here are probably going to laugh at me since everyone else does, but i want to try and transfer into UW. i know that it is almost near impossible now, well thats just what i've heard and thats what everyone tells me when i mention that i'm thinking of applying there.

i'll have my associates degree done with this year. i read in the UW transfer book that you dont have to actually declare a major until one quarter AFTER you transfer. i have a somewhat good idea of what i want to major in - communications journalism. i notice that its listed as a "competitive major" (as are almost all of their majors). so i guess my question/advice i'm asking for is should i apply to the department THE SAME TIME i apply for UW (i'm sort of confused if i do both of these at the same time because their booklet emphasizes to make sure you know the deadline of your major dept. because often times it isnt the same date as the actually applying to get into the school deadline)? i have all of my pre-reqs for the major done since the major really doesnt have very many specific courses except the basic courses that i've already covered at the school i'm completing my Associates at. OR should i wait and see if i get in, then wait a quarter an apply to the department? and also, what happens if i end up not getting into the major since its so "competitive" ??? i'd feel like an idiot if i went to the school for a quarter and then had to transfer out somewhere else because i couldnt get into the major!! can you reapply to the departments more than once? incase you're wondering my grades, i have about a 3.6 right now... the only reason it is that low is because i got a C in a science class (which i'm hoping they'll consider cutting me slack on since its not what i want to major in) and a B in one english class only because the teacher turned out to be a hardass that refused to give anyone A's even if thats what their true percentage was (and she was fired a quarter later). i have A's in everything else.

i'm sorry i have a lot of questions and sorry if its worded in a confusing way, but i'm hoping someone who has transfered to UW can sort of help me out?
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