'lysey baby (vocedielysium) wrote in uw,
'lysey baby

looking for ESS101 textbook and selling SOC271

It looks like they just came out with a "new" edition of the Chernicoff for ESS101 which means maybe some of you out there couldn't sell back your "old" editions from Autumn quarter. I'm assuming this because there are no used editions avaiable at the bookstore. So if anyone in this community has an "older" edition of Chernicoff's Geology textbook that they would like to make money off of please comment or e-mail me at elysemm@u.washington.edu for price negotiations.

Also, I have the edition of Sociology of Deviance so brilliantly compiled by Weis from when the class was held last year. I don't know this directly but I'm assuming that if this years text is a "new" edition it probably has little difference than a new cover, if that. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Weis expressly denies the older edition straight off since this compilation textbook is probably a nice chunk of change. If you'd be interested in purchasing last years edition of this book from me far below the $86-something then please contact. Half price, $40, or best offer.

Happy new year.
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