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Prospective Law Student

Hi, I'm a 3rd-year student at the University of Texas at Austin and I'm currently researching law schools to apply to next year. The University of Washington-Seattle is one that I'm really looking at seriously. I don't know if there is a separate community for law students, but I couldn't find one (if there is one, could you point me there?).
If anyone could give me 1) advice on admissions/financial aid (I'm already quite broke as an undergrad), 2) info on your experience at the law school, 3) what is Seattle like, especially from someone coming from far away? 4)How is the housing market for rentals near the campus? 5) What is the part-time job market like, especially in the clerical field or law clerking? (I've been working in professional offices for 5 years and law offices for 2) 6) What is public transportation like? In Austin it's mediocre at best and it's hard to live far from the UT campus, so everyone gets stuck paying exorbitant rent and/or taking a 10-40 minute busride to campus and back in traffic each day. I'm really trying to avoid that extra stress in law school. Also, one thing I forgot- I'm really involved as a staff member for student radio at UT Austin. I would like to volunteer a bit for student radio, but I hear that UW's station got taken over by Experience Music Project and is professionally run. Is there an alternative alternative station (hah) that a student could get involved in?
I hear that Austin and Seattle do share a lot in common despite being in totally different areas of the country. If anyone has lived in both, I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance!
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