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An Annoying Class Switching Question

Thought I'd try here, forgive me for clogging up your friends pages:

Is anyone here registered for BIOL 200 AA? Would you be interested in trading lab sections for BIOL 200 AC? It runs on Tuesdays after lecture, from 2:00 - 4:50 pm. Thank you!

Actually, so this post isn't totally uninteresting, I'll share an illustrated story I did a few weeks ago in lieu of, you know, homework :P Hope you enjoy it!

I absolutely love learning. In fact, I hope to become a research professor so that I'll never be away from a wealth of knowledge. Before I go to bed I try to think of at least one new thing that I learned that day, and be grateful for the new knowledge.

But sometimes, I get bored and lazy. I just don't want to do the work; I need some downtime. For a little while, I don't want to think. And the Physics/Astronomy Buildings are the bane of my existence for this. OBSERVE:

For example, just WALKING to Physics class, all the pathways and sidewalks leading to Physics are broken up into a billion triangles and intersections. There's no straight line to the building. Okay, maybe the illustration is a big exaggerated, but I'm serious that everytime I walk up I stop and try to calculate the hypotenuse of each friggin sidewalk triangle so that I don't have to walk as far. But then I get too lazy to calculate a way to BE lazy, and I always manage to pick the longest path possible to Physics. DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY PAIN? ...No, I couldn't just walk on the grass, what are you talking about >_>

And what's up with the doors? They weigh like 5000 pounds each (that's 22241.1081 Newtons!) and their hinges have the highest friction co-efficient in the universe. These things are HARD to open! Once I reach the doors to the building I have to stop and calculate exactly where I can push the friggin door so that I have the least resistance and take the most advantage of the torque. And then everyone walks past me and pushes the electric door opener for disabled people, which I refuse to use because I have been heavily influenced by default_hell's rants morals.

(Your homework: Try and focus on the professor. JUST TRY IT)

This has nothing to do with learning. This is an open letter some anonymous idiot in my physics class. Every day of lecture the professor puts up a question on the overhead. We use these things called "clickers" to send our answers to the computer, where the results are tallied. You have to direct your clicker to a transmitter so that it can record your answer. These transmitters blink BRIGHT! FRIGGIN! RED! when it gets an answer. The ceilings are high, so the blinking always occurs RIGHT at the corner of your vision and drives you insane.

And some idiot keeps clicking the clicker even when there IS no question, FOR THE ENTIRE LECTURE! FOR THE PAST EIGHT WEEKS! BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK I CAN'T CONCENTRATE AT ALL

So, my open letter:

If you blink that clicker one more time, when lecture ends tomorrow I'm gonna cause some destructive interference with my fist and your face.
Hate, your BLIND classmate
P.S. You don't wanna know where that clicker's going.

I'm not really this angry inside XD
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