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parking on campus

Since questions about parking tend to be popping up lately, and there isn't really anything in the memories, here's a quick rundown of campus parking for you. Mods, please add to memories.

UW Parking Services webpage
Campus Maps
Parking Fees (most relevant are "Gatehouse Issued," "Occasional Carpool," and "Mechanically Issued")

The parking lots on campus begin with a letter corresponding to a direction (North, Central, East, South, West) and are followed by a number. Each parking lot has at least one sign in it telling the lot number and when parking permits are required.

Gatehouses are open 6am-9pm weekdays, 7am-noon on Saturdays, except holidays.

Weekdays, 6am-4pm -- Carpool parking on main campus, for cars with three or more valid UPASS holders, is restricted to the Central Plaza garage (under Red Square, entrance @ 15th ave & 41st st), Padelford garage, and N5. Two person carpools can park in the Montlake/E-1 parking lot; the carpool entrance is near the baseball and soccer fields.
Weekdays, after 4pm, and Saturdays -- Carpool parking on main campus (same lots as above, and S-1 by the Health Sciences buildings) for two or more UPASS holders. No carpools in E-1!
Please note that the parking services system is not real-time; I'd recommend you add funds to your Husky Card account at least 24 hours in advance. Also, you used to need to have $.01 more on your Husky Card account than parking would cost, but that was over a year ago and I don't know if it's still the same.
Carpool parking

IMA Parking:
There are about 15-20 meters in front of the IMA. As far as I can remember they are 1 hour meters, and you *must* always pay. Yes, I have seen parking enforcement ticketing there before, even on weekends.
There's room for 6-7 cars across the street from the IMA, I've only seen space available for more than 1 minute when the IMA isn't open. Try not to jaywalk during the basketball games, I've seen a few peopel given jaywalk tickets and/or warnings at that time.
Speaking of basketball, if you need to go to the IMA on a basketball game day, you canNOT park in E-8 or E-9. This is restricted parking for those games. The meters in front of the IMA are still available for use, but I'd recommend parking in E-1 and walking down as a warm-up.

Basketball parking:
Currently (2005-06), basketball parking is $10 for E-11/E-12 and $4 for E-1 (Montlake). Disability parking is available in E-17, E-11, and in front of the IMA, for $10; you must have a valid disability placard. Two hours before tip-off, the road at the south end of E-1 closes and you must enter E-1 through one of the north entrances. You may think of it as inconvenient, but I've seen several nasty wrecks there from people misjudging the speed of traffic. If you stop to talk to a staff person, please don't wave your cigarette/cigar close to us. I've nearly gotten burned many times by some careless person doing this.
Also for basketball, the following parking lots are restricted: E-8, E-9, E-10, and E-17 (also E-11 for men's basketball). Only vehicles with valid season basketball permits and annual permits can park there.

Football parking:
I know football season is over, but just a reminder to keep an eye on the football schedule. On game days, if you're not a football person, I'd recommend just avoiding the U-District altogether.
For those that drive to games, the price of parking depends on the number of people in your car (3+ people is $10, 1 or 2 is $20), and if you have a trailer, a motorhome, etc. And don't try to be smart with "there's another person in the trunk" to get carpool parking. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I could pay off my 4 years worth of student loans.

Hopefully that gets most questions. Remember that you can Google on the UW webpage.
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