ruby tuesday (gingericecream) wrote in uw,
ruby tuesday

we need a new homie!!!!

We have a room available starting now!!! please meet us and sign a lease from jan 1 through the end of august!

we live on 45th and 5th
-one bedroom available NOW
-$363 rent +utilities!
-house of 3 boys and 2 girls looking for a 6th
-you only have to share your bathroom and kitchen with one other girl
-laundry, off-street parking, dishwasher, cable and internet, hella sweet/hot roommates, what more could you want?

you are:
-preferably a student
-preferably a girl (but inquire away boys!)
-respectful and responsible

we are:
-19 to 23 years old
-occasional drinkers, but non-smokers
-occasional themed party throwers (one every few months)
-hella sweet/hot
-we also have a chihuahua who lives in the basement mother-in-law apt.

PLEASE email me for more info. we want to get this taken care of before winter break if possible.

akeikowilson at gmail dot com
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