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Seventeen Evergreen Live

If you're on your computer, you can hear Seventeen Evergreen live on RainyDawg Radio. Visit and hear the California band play a couple tunes from "Life Embarasses Me On Planet Earth".

Rock need not bore. There are possibilities. So when the songs of Seventeen Evergreen come knocking at your door, open it up wide, and open up your mind – because these gentlemen bring you the good news. Legend has it that Seventeen Evergreen’s song-writing duo, Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans, met during a Sacramento elementary school recess where they were found making strange sounds with warped Speak-n-spells. For years, teachers assumed that the two otherwise quiet and introverted kids belonged in English as a second language classes. They were right. Music always comes first for Caleb and Nephi. Nephi soon left the grassy pastures of North Highlands-Sacramento after being kicked out of his childhood home when Caleb dragged a drumset into the family living room for an early jam session that birthed the early inklinks of a Seventeen Evergreen sound. These noisy beginnings continued in a house sandwiched between deaf senior citizens and an alcoholics anonymous building which provided inspiring and haunting visitors to the new home of Seventeen Evergreen's founders. Fast forward to the year 2002... After a year in England for Caleb and a year spent travelling the world for Nephi, the two met up in London to form a new discipline and promptly went back to San Francisco where they have been facing the new century in recording studio seclusion. The wait is worth it. Spend two and half minutes with any Seventeen Evergreen song, and you too will hear the sirens in the forest, the stars in the sky, on the ground and in your headphones. Seventeen Evergreen will be releasing their debut album, ‘Life Embarrasses Me On Planet Earth’, in August of 2005 on Pacific Radio Fire Records and will be touring the nation during the late summer/fall.
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