Typhoid Mary (supervixen528) wrote in uw,
Typhoid Mary

scary scam

Hey guys, I don't know about you but I get like ridiculous amounts of scam attempts in my webpine but a recent one takes the cake as far as looking real.

First it is a letter from "Bank of America" (notice@alert.bankofamerica.com - already that's a far cry above the eBay scam emails I get that come from like, heyimscamming@haha.co.uk or whatever) telling me that my online banking account is frozen because there were too many failed attempts to log in. Then it says like "Need up to the minute account information? Sign in" and the link goes here. Okay, the address at the top is a giveaway but a lot of people wouldn't notice that - even the links to the right go to the real pages at the BoA website.

I had to mention this. I was tipped off immediately cuz I don't even bank at BoA (lol) but I was amazed and I pictured people like my parents (some of the most un-internet savvy people to ever use the internet) totally falling for this.

So, if anyone gets this, beware! And, if anyone knows who made it, tell them I said solid attempt!
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