Amanda (starclusterm45) wrote in uw,

Some Clarification

from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. M-F
and Sat. noon - Mon 6 a.m.

Parking is complimentary when gatehouses are closed with the exception of E1 where there is no overnight parking and any campus lots that have signs that restrict the lot's use at "all times on all days" to particular permit holders.


So is this *definitely* true? I have a history of receiving false information from the parking services staff (in person and via e-mail), so I question the validity of this statement. I just wanted to ask those with actual experience with parking in the permit required parking areas on the weekends, if this is fact...

Also, that particular page is the only one on the entire site that I've seen with that information (copied above). (Makes me wonder if this policy only *used* to exist at some point, but perhaps no longer does).

Thanks. (BTW, the reason I need to park is to attend the AIDS charity ball tomorrow evening at the HUB. I plan to park in the lot in front of McMahon).
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