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The official UW Inclement Weather / Suspended Operations policy

This showed up in my inbox today, so in light of the question asked yesterday about whether classes will be held if it snows, I decided to post the official response here. There's also information pertinent to people employed by UW.

The chill in the air should remind us all to be familiar with the
University's inclement weather and suspended operations policies.

While the most common reason for the disruption of campus operations is
weather related, other emergency situations or outages could trigger a
suspension of non-essential operations.

On November 1, new campus information numbers took effect that provide
up to the minute information about operations at the three UW campuses
during emergencies or severe weather conditions. Please make note of the
telephone numbers.

206-UWS-INFO (206 897-4636) and toll-free 1-866-897-4636

These numbers and the University's policies on Inclement Weather and
Suspended Operations are located on the HR Website. Information about
campus operations during emergencies or severe weather conditions may
also appear on the University's UWIN website.

When inclement weather causes transportation problems or locally
hazardous conditions, employees are expected to give first consideration
to their personal safety in evaluating their ability to commute to work.
The University's Inclement Weather Policy provides that supervisors may
approve employee requests for time off when weather conditions prevent
employees from working as scheduled. Such time is charged to vacation
leave, personal holiday, accrued compensatory time, or leave without pay
in accordance with the provisions of the applicable collective
bargaining agreement or employment program.

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the policies at:



Questions about inclement weather and suspended operations policies may
be referred to the Human Resources Office that serves your department.

Human Resources Contacts: http://www.washington.edu/admin/hr/contacts/
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