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Caught in the (Patriot) Act

Hey all,

On Tuesday, the Libertarians at the UW, along with YDUW, the Muslim Student Association, the ACLU, and the UWCRs, are hosting Caught in the (Patriot) Act. Doors open at 5:30 and the event starts at 6:00. The event will feature numerous speakers from the various groups sponsoring this event, as well as Norm Stamper as the keynote speaker.

Tickets are free for students, and 2$ for the general public.

On Tuesday, November 29, former Seattle Chief of Police Norm Stamper
will be speaking at the University of Washington about the
controversial USA Patriot Act. The event is entitled "Caught in the
(Patriot) Act" and will feature a variety of speakers from the Seattle
area discussing their personal and professional familiarity with the

The USA Patriot contains provisions that many American feel
undermine their Constitutionally guaranteed right to unreasonable
search and seizure. These provisions authorize law enforcement agents
to break and enter private property without a warrant, as well as run
telephone wiretaps and search private customer databases. The Act hit
close to home when Seattle local Ian Spiers was detained and harassed
by federal agents after he photographed the Ballard Locks.

Mr. Stamper will bring his considerable law enforcement experience
to bear on this issue when he addresses the UW audience on the pros
and cons of the Patriot Act. Stamper has recently gained national
attention with his book, Breaking Rank, in which he challenges the
Patriot Act and other federal policies.

According to Don Rasmussen, the President of Libertarians at the UW,
"The purpose of this event is to educate the UW community about the
dangers of the Patriot Act, and to do so through a balanced
presentation. The Act is unconstitutional and poses a severe threat
to our liberty. After we present the facts to the audience, I'm
confident that they'll come to the same conclusion I have."

Caught in the (Patriot) Act is being sponsored by the Libertarians
at the UW, and co-sponsored by the UW Young Democrats, the Muslim
Student Association, and the UW American Civil Liberties Union
chapter. The UW College Republicans will also be presenting a speaker
in support of the Act. The event will be at 6 pm in the Husky Union
Building Auditorium. It is free for UW students and staff, and costs
$2 for the general public. Tickets will be sold at the door starting
at 5:30 pm.

Hope you can come!
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