j (crackedxhalo) wrote in uw,

Yay it's the holidays

So, I know it happens all the time, bad teachers, hard tests, etc., but i've been wondering, does anyone else ever feel like we're just paying money to take tests and not be taught?

My recent example: chem 162 (a weed out class in itself anyways), 124 point test, median 46.6, highest grade an 90.6 (whoops, checked again on the pdf file and saw higher ones), lowest grade -0.8.
Does it not seem wrong for a teacher to make a test that no person can achieve the highest grade on? Is one not at college for knowledge (and also a piece of paper that says that one is better than a person without a piece of paper)? Is it not the saddest thing that someone, if they had just skipped the test, would have done better than if they taken it in the first place?

It's the holidays (which are stressful for most), and finals are fast approaching, I say if anyone needs to gripe about a class/teacher/etc. they should let some out here. Because one could pay someone to listen to them, but instead you can just type it here for free.

If not, it's all cool. Happy turkey/tofurky/it's kind of a ridiculous holiday, but i'm glad i'm not in school day to all.
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