CerebralCrunch (cerebralcrunch) wrote in uw,

Performance Poetry Like You've NEVER Seen/Heard Before

For our final in CHID496 (Queer performance poetry) we will be putting on a show at the UW at the ECC theatre (ugly cotton-candy pink colored building on the corner of 40th and Brooklyn--but it's really pretty inside!) on Sunday, December 11th, 6PM. As it's a virgin performance for many of the students, it's appropriately titled "Lay On Your Back and Think of England." 20 points to anyone who gets that reference.

It's free with a suggested donation of $2, which will be donated to a GBLTC related charity.

If you've never heard performance poetry before, let alone poetry from this particular subculture of society, you are REALLY missing out! This shit will blow your mind.

Oh, and there ARE straight people in the class so for any homophobes out there that think they might catch queer cuties or something, get over yourself. Enlighten your mind. You will be glad you did.

That is all!
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