Arion Potts (braaw) wrote in uw,
Arion Potts

Language Exchange

Could anyone give me any tips for doing a successful language exchange? I have been assigned two partners and I've met with both a few times.

They have pretty good English, but I have very beginning Chinese. I can help them a lot with English, but I don't know what sort of activities they can do that would help me (I have a boyfriend I live with, for all intensive purposes, whose first language  is Cantonese and speaks pretty good Mandarin, so my pronunciation is pretty good). I don't mind having our time spend 75% on English and 25% on 國語 at first.

For those who are familiar: it's compounded because I'm taught using Hanyu pīnyīn and they only understand bopomofo. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check the links, it's kind of cool stuff).

I'm having trouble finding relevant information on the web. Any pointers, sites, flames, etc, would be helfpul.
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