Shir (dustythoughts) wrote in uw,

OK. I will be selling my lovely 4.0 cubic foot black refridgerator come the end of finals week, as I will be moving out of the dorms and will not be back at UW until next September (and trust me, hauling this fridge home with me to Minnesota would be a schlep). I bought it for $128 plus shipping and handling, and I will sell it for $125 (a whole three dollars off the price!). You will need to come and pick it up since I do not have a car, but if you really want it and do not have a vehicle, let me know and we'll figure out a plan. It's in good condition, and has a mini freezer in it. I'm leaving Seattle on December 17th, so it would be great if you could pick it up before then.

I will also post this on Craig's List.

First come first serve.
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