erroneous (infekt_) wrote in uw,

sorry, i apologize, if this seems silly or redundant.

for all you mac users out there:
i recently downloaded fetch and got the program installed and running (but i also have cyberduck as well), but for whatever reason i cannot connect to the dante servers. when i first try and connect, this is what the connection screen requests of me:

+hostname []
+username [do i use kayw13, or]
+connect using [ftp? sftp?? ftp with gssapi? ftp with kclient?]
+password [i'm assuming this is my MyUW netid password] i doing something wrong here? it won't connect. i have kerberos installed, and i've tried running kerberos first (which is what you're supposed to do, from my understanding) and then run fetch under ftp with kclient, but it gives me an error message saying it can't verify or authenticate my security somethingorother. is there anything that's a common problem that i should be watching out for?

any help would sure be appreciated...
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