I woke up thirsty on the day I died (solstince) wrote in uw,
I woke up thirsty on the day I died

Online classes...

From a FAQ for the online learning site:
"Is online learning real University credit? Are the courses on the UW transcript?
Upon completion of an online learning course, and at the time a grade is submitted by the instructor, the course is added to a separate part of the UW transcript under the heading "Transfer credits and Ext/Independent Sty/placement credits." These credits can apply to a UW degree, but the grade will not affect the GPA for courses taken on campus."

So does this mean that taking a class online won't raise my cumlative GPA? WTF? I want to take one for the very reason OF raising my GPA, on my own time and from the comfort of my own home. Hrmp.
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