Poseidon (underwaterharfe) wrote in uw,

BIOL 354/356

Next quarter's time schedule is up, and some things about it are worrying me. I'm majoring in conservation biology and I want to take BIOL 356 next quarter because it's a required foundations class and it doesn't conflict with my other required courses for once. Unfortunately, over 25% of the spaces have already been claimed (leaving 88 spaces) and it's only the first day of registration. I'm scheduled to register on the second day of juniors. Does anyone know if there's hope on getting in?

I'll ask the same question about BIOL 354, except that "only" 20% of the spaces are gone (72 remain).

If normal conditions for these classes would say that it's hopeless for me to try and get in, would anyone be willing to hold a place in either class, preferably the ecology one? Name your price...
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