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Room for rent!

I am leaving for Cuba during winter quarter, and I can't just break out of my lease :( So here we go:

Room for rent in beautifull beggining of the century house.
Rent is $400 utilities included.
You have your own room, share a humangous living room with a Chemistry sophomore major who keeps to himself, and is extremely nice. Big bathroom shared with 6 other people. We have our own sort of kitchen, but if you want to do some serious cooking there is two huge shared kitchen downstairs.

Why is it so cheap? We live in an old frat house that shut down at the intersection of 47th and 21st. There is parking available for $50 a month.
My current roomate and I rented the old sleeping porch (think a room that can fit 15 bunk bed).

I built a room inside that huge room (I work construction during the week ends) and you would be enjoying my labor.

Email: jplarch@u.wash.......

If you want to stay there for longer then just winter quarter we can arrange.
You absolutely cannot smoke in the room however. I can leave you my desktop computer, as well as my desk. I would prefer if you brought your own mattress, there already is a queen sized frame so you can pretty much fit whatever matress as long as it is not a king.

I can go on and on about it, but just send me an email and check it out.

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