Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

want to talk about yourself?

Anyone want to come in and catch about themselves to my FIG students? .. sort of

- For Next Monday, OCT 31: I'm looking to put together a panel to discuss various majors that my fig students are interested in and none (!) of my fellow fig leaders that I have emailed can meet with my class.. so sad. So here I am, reaching out to all of you- (share info on why you chose the major, app. process, classes in the major, what you can do with X major, internship/etc oppotunities, ...)

- I'd like to bring in the following majors
* Com/ Journalism-- Specifically JOURNALISM since they are a journalism fig
* English
* Sociology
* Anthropology
* Pre Med/ Pre Vet
- I think I've got Business covered..

I'd like to squeeze in as much as possible but I Really want to discuss: Journalism, English, and Anthro at least. I'd like to have everyone speak for 10-15 min.

Now for the details-- My class is held
-Mondays at 230-320pm
- Thomson 231

- If nothing can be worked out for next Monday then I may try to schedule this again for MON Nov 21
-- Interested? Leave a comment or email me at: salitam@u.wash---

I'll buy you a candy bar, seriously. heh.
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