Jim-Steve (scifijunkie) wrote in uw,

ASUW Fall Film Series

Someone posted about this a little while ago, and ASUW A&E's dragging it's heels about getting the schedule out so I figured I'd post the fall film schedule for anyone who's interested.

October 26:
Sin City, 5:30pm
Batman Begins, 8:15pm

November 2:
War of the Worlds, 6:00pm
The Island, 8:30pm

November 9:
March of the Penguins, 6:00pm
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 8:00pm

November 16:
Crash, 5:45pm
Murderball, 8:15pm

November 30:
Wedding Crashers, 6:00pm
The 40 Year Old Virgin, 8:30pm

December 7:
Hustle & Flow, 6:00pm
Four Brothers, 8:30pm

Tickets go on sale day of at the HUB Ticket Office (first floor of the HUB), starting at 7:00am, and are $2 for one movie and $3 for both. Tickets stay on sale until after the second movie has started.
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