Data Magpie (tylik) wrote in uw,
Data Magpie

Martial Artists on Boat Street

Last night, around 10:30, I drove my grey Volvo by a couple of people on Boat Street, one of whom was demonstrating a portion of a martial arts form to the other. I slowed down, in part because the moves looked a fair bit like Chen Taiji, my primary style... (though I'm kind of guessing not, actually). The saw me, and stopped, I waved, and then drove off, embarrassed, and needing to meet up with my partner.

But I've been kicking myself since then for not stopping and saying hi. (And at least asking what it was, and letting them know why I was staring at them.)

If either of you happen to be here, or if anyone here knows who they were and feels like passing on the message, I'm awfully curious.
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