S (sus7) wrote in uw,

Want a fish?

Hey. I'm in the mood to sell a fish tank to a student. It's actually more of a kit, really; a 2.5 gallon tank, a 25w heater for it, gravel plus fake plant, and fish- $30. The tank is $12 by itself, the heater  $15, the plant and gravel another $10  and the fish $5 (it's a green female betta). I'd like to thin out the amount of fish and tanks I have but I've invested so much in them I can't afford to give things away. And this way, you start out with everything you need (because I'll throw in some food for her) except water dechlorinator (Which is A MUST_BUY_ITEM because they can't live in water without it). I know someone out there wants a fish- the tank it perfect dorm size (and much better than those bowl-of-death things everyone perpetuates in buying)...so. Leave me a comment and we'll arrange something.
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