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Okay, I'm trying to start a bridge club meeting type thing. We're currently playing on Tuesdays at around 5 or 5:30 and goes until 9-ish (though I'd be willing to stay after to play something like hearts or canasta). Currently, we play in the U-district or somewhere close to there, and somewhere in the middle of playing we take a dinner break (if we're not somewhere like Beth's already). Open to suggestions for other places to play. Currently we've got two teams, I believe we're using standard american, though may soon poke at 2 over 1. If you're interested in joining us and/or learning how to play, please email me @ trismi at Since it's a partner game, it would be nice if you could bring another person who would play regularly with you, though we'd figure something out if you don't have someone to partner with.

Bridge is that game in the newspaper column that's always next to the chess games. It's a trick based, trump, 4 player partner game. If you don't know what trick based or trump means, but still want to learn, we'd be happy to teach you :)
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