Josh "Akbar Zib" Jones (mundivagant) wrote in uw,
Josh "Akbar Zib" Jones

Mourning the death of Dr. Tony Qamar

Dr. Tony Qamar, Washington State Seismologist, University of Washington research professor, talented alpine climber, Burning Man veteran, member of my Ph.D. committee, and absolutely my favorite person on the ESS (ex-Geophysics) faculty, was killed yesterday in a car accident on the Olympic Peninsula. He was 62.

Some of you knew him as "that old guy who would practically fly up the IMA climbing wall". I knew him as a talented colleague, a friend, and a valued member of my Ph.D. thesis committee.

Also killed was Dr. Dan Johnson of the University of Puget Sound. I didn't know him particularly well, but he was a talented volcanologist and a good guy.

Details are sketchy but it sounds like a logging truck was responsible.
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