Karl Smith (kazzman) wrote in uw,
Karl Smith

Okay, so I’ve been around for a good four years now and there’s one thing I still just cannot figure out. Fairly consistently, teachers put reading assignments on the syllabus, expecting you to have the reading done when you arrive in class. So why, then, is there almost always a reading assignment listed for the first day of class, the day you *receive* the syllabus? Now, this would make sense if:

  • The instructor e-mailed you the syllabus in advance, or
  • Reading the first chapter before class were an established practice (but not all classes start with chapter 1, or they have multiple books)

    I mean, really, if you want us to do double the amount of reading the first week, well, that’s fine – it’s what they’re having us do anyway – but it’d be nice if it were more up front.

    So what is it? Are they setting us up for failure? Do instructors simply lack the ability to think logically about this? Thoughts?

    And yes, this post really is me looking for ways to avoid my massive number of readings.
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