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FREE private screening of "Adaptation", Q&A with Nicholas Cage, Charlie Kaufman, Spike Jonze

Hey all, this is a letter I sent out to the Film Club for an upcoming screening, and I wanted to extend the invitation to the UW livejournal community as well.

The Film Club would like to make a special offer to the UW film community. We have tickets to an upcoming screening of "Adaptation", the new film by the same creative minds brought you "Being John Malkovich", Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman. It stars Nicholas Cage, Meryl Streep, and Chris Cooper. Full synopsis below.

Special for this screening, Nicholas Cage, Charlie Kaufman, and Spike Jonze will be in attendance to participate in a question and answer session following the movie.

The screening will take place on Tuesday, November 19th, 5:00 pm in the Guild 45th Theater (2115 N. 45th Street, across the I-5 bridge from campus, in Wallingford). The 44 bus, leaving from in front of the Key Bank on 45th St (right next to the Ave) can take you straight there. It departs every 15 minutes.

Because of the special nature of this movie, this is how we will distribute tickets:

Film Club will hold special office hours when people may come by to pick up tickets. These are:

Monday, the 18th, from 3:00 pm to 4:20 pm
Tuesday, 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Our office is inside the HUB, in the subbasement (beneath the gaming level), Room 21.

We want as many people going, so grab your friends, grab your tickets, come check out this fantastic film and take advantage of the chance to talk to the people who helped make it. Be sure to check out the trailer too, it's well done.

SYNOPSIS: Nicolas Cage is Charlie Kaufman, a confused L.A. screenwriter
overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, sexual frustration, self-loathing-and
by the screenwriting ambitions of his freeloading twin brother Donald (also
Nicolas Cage). While struggling to adapt "The Orchid Thief," by Susan Orlean
(Meryl Streep), Kaufman's life spins from pathetic to bizarre. The lives of
Kaufman, Orlean and John Laroche (Chris Cooper), the orchid poacher and the
subject of Orlean's book, become strangely intertwined as each one's search
for passion collides with the others'. Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman and
Donald Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze.


Devon DeLapp
President, Film Club
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