k (fallfromthesky) wrote in uw,

Okay, here's my issue: I'm going to be working for SAAS as a tutor, and the place I have to get to is down past the IMA (Conibear Shellhouse, apparently also known as the crew house). I live on 22nd & 46th and really am not a fan of walking all that way in the dark - which is when I'd be going there and back.

My question is this: Is there some kind of monthly/quarterly parking pass you can get that is cheaper than paying each day? I'm not sure how much parking down there is, but I've heard it's cheaper at Montlake than at the lot right by the building. I'd rather pay a cheaper monthly or whatever fee than pay every day.

OR is there a bus that goes there? Which bus route, and where would I catch it?

Any help would be great. I didn't really know where else to look or who to ask, so thank you in advance!
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