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Commuter Questions...

I looked back in the memories and didn't really see anything related to my question.

I'm a freshman who does NOT have her shit together (long story short=didn't get enough financial aid from first choice school and was going to try to get loans but couldn't, UW let me in for Fall Quarter FOUR days ago and I don't even have CLASSES yet). Needless to say, I won't be living on campus for the first quarter, at least, as all rooms are taken.

I live in Shoreline, about twenty minutes (on a good day) from UW. I'll probably be bussing it, as I don't have a car, but just in case I do decide to drive, how impossible is that?

My main question, though, is: How hard is it to meet new friends as a freshman who's not living in the dorms?? Does anybody have experience with this or know someone who did? The only comment I've had so far is "that sucks, I wouldn't live at home if I could help it." Which... wasn't very helpful! :o)

Any thoughts/suggestions/whatever?

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