Devon DeLapp (ddelapp) wrote in uw,
Devon DeLapp

24 Hour Film Making Competition

The Film Club at the University of Washington is putting on a 24 hour film making competition. Inspired by other such successesful competitions held around the country and world, the challenge is create from scratch a complete short film in 24 consecutive hours.

Impossible? No. An exciting and fun-filled challenge? Yes!

There will be an attendence-required "debriefing" Thursday, November 21st, to give final details to the film makers. The contest itself will begin at 11:00 am Saturday, November 23rd. Finished films must be returned before 11:00 am Sunday, November 24th.

The films will be judged and the best of those completed will be screened publicly at the Northwest Film Forum's Little Theater, Sunday, December 8th, at 2:00 pm. The Little Theater is located at 608 19th Ave. E, on Capitol Hill, and was made available via a generous donation from WigglyWorld Studios.

Individuals or teams may sign up. Those interested in competing may learn how here.
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