an imaginary living body (marysia) wrote in uw,
an imaginary living body


I'm making a pointless post to complain about HFS because I'm really annoyed. My room assignment for this year has been a neverending nightmare.

Although my roommate and I requested each other from the start and both applied ASAP, it took them a while to actually let us room together, and different people kept saying different things about why we could or couldn't. That's a different story, though. It ultimately worked out -- we both got emails saying that although they had originally said we couldn't room together, they decided that we could, and were assigned to the room picked at CYA.

A couple weeks ago I got my room assignment letter, and it was fine. It had the room I signed up for at CYA, and my roommate's name was right and everything. But she wasn't getting her letter -- she said that they'd emailed her saying they didn't have her address, but when she went to the address change form it was there and correct.

Well, she finally just got her letter -- and it says she doesn't have a room assignment, even though HFS had previously stated that she did have one, and even the specific room. She even already paid the bill!

Ugh. We're going to try to get this mess sorted out with them ASAP, but it's just annoying. Has this happened to anyone else?
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