k (fallfromthesky) wrote in uw,

I posted here not too long ago asking if anyone knew of places that were hiring. I've decided to take an internship instead, but I'd still really like to make some extra money. Has anyone had a job that only required a few hours a week of work? I'd really like a nice little campus office job, but those are all during business hours, which is when I'll be in class or interning (depending on the day). The internship is 10-15 hours a week so I really don't want a TON of work hours, but they'd have to be nights and weekends. Does anyone know of anywhere around campus that lets you work just a few hours a week, maybe call-in shifts or fill-ins or just two shifts or so per week? Sorry to be annoying with this, but I don't even know where to find places like this & really don't want to go into every store in U Village & the Ave and ask if I don't have to.
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